Commit 8fd727e6 authored by bgm's avatar bgm

CRM-15832: bin/ avoid ((count++)) which seems to cause problems.

parent ddf0972d
......@@ -276,15 +276,15 @@ function make_stat() {
function build_common_components() {
echo "[[ Building common-components.pot ]]"
local paths=""
local count=0
local has_multiple=0
for comp in $COMPONENT_POTS ; do
local rawfile=".raw-"$(echo $comp | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]').pot
if [ -f "$rawfile" ]; then
paths="$paths $rawfile"
if [ $count -gt 1 ]; then
if [ $has_multiple -eq 1 ]; then
msgcomm $paths > .raw-common-components.pot
cat $HEADER > .raw-common-components.pot
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