Commit 57371fcd authored by totten's avatar totten

CRM-15832 - Rewrite

I found it fairly hard to trace through which source-code files mapped to
which *.pot files; there were several interacting rules/patterns in and in extractor.php which determined that policy

This rewrite replaces *extractor.php with civistrings and moves all the
policy/pattern questions into (with a big "case"
statement).  For example, the question of "What files go into event.pot?"
could be answered by this clause:

function build_raw_pot() {
  case "$name" in
      _civistrings -o "$filepath" \
        CRM/Event \
        templates/CRM/Event \
        xml/templates/message_templates/event_* \

Any PHP/TPL/JS/HTML in those files/folders will be scanned for strings.
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