Prioritized Labels

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Other Labels
  • sig:compatibility
    (Significance) Affects compatibility with some environment/configuration/version
    • Group label
  • sig:event
    • Project label
  • sig:legacy-ui
    Indicates bug relates to a part of the UI we anticipate being replaced by the form builder approach
    • Group label
  • sig:lexim
    Indicates a bug whose fix is helpful on our path to renewal via form builder/apiv4 & other leaps
    • Group label
  • sig:performance
    (Significance) Affects how *quickly* the system runs
    • Group label
  • sig:search
    • Group label
  • sig:unverified-bug
    Bug needs to be confirmed on latest version
    • Group label
  • sig:usability
    The issue affects the intuitiveness or productivity of casual users
    • Group label
  • triaged
    Issue has had first level triage
    • Group label
  • type:proposal
    The submitter is working toward change (providing capacity) but wants to get feedback/support
    • Group label
  • type:request
    The submitter has identified an issue and is requesting that others provide capacity
    • Group label