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    CRM-18792 - CRM_Core_Theme - Add helper for loading CSS files from themes · d89d2545
    totten authored
    CRM-18792 - CRM_Core_Resources - Load civicrm.css through theme system
    CRM-18792 - Rename `CRM_Core_Theme` to `\Civi\Core\Theme`
    CRM-18792 - Civi\Core\Theme - Remove statics
    CRM_Core_Resources::addCoreStyles - Revert change
    CRM-18792 - addStyleFile - Always pass through to theme. Support fallback.
    Rename `Civi\Core\Theme` to `Civi\Core\Themes`
    The class manages a list of themes -- not just a single theme.
    CRM-18792 - Add org.civicrm.demotheme
    CRM-18792 - Add uncommitted test files (`Civi\Core\Themes`)
    CRM-18792 - Fix regression in CRM_Core_ResourceTest
    CRM-18792 - Theme naming - Use prefix '_' for hidden themes
    This cleans up a few things:
     * Previously, there was a special case for using FALLBACK in `search_order`.
     * If you're creating a multitheme extension, you may want to define a base theme
       (which is extended by the others). Previously, you were required to show this
       base theme as a user-selectable option. Now, it can be hidden.
     * There was a bug where `resolveUrl()` would sometimes call the wrong callback.
       (It used resolver for `$active` instead of `$themeKey`.)
    CRM-18792 - Themes - File overrides and excludes should use same naming
    Previously, when using `addStyleFile($cssExt,$css$file)`, the file overrides
    and exlcudes would combine them differently e.g.
     * For `addStyleFile('civicrm','css/bootstrap.css')`
       * Override `css/bootstrap.css`
       * Exclude `civicrm:css/bootstrap.css`
     * For `('org.foo.bar','css/bang.css')`
       * Override `org.foo.bar-css/bang.css`
       * Exclude `org.foo.bar:css/bang.css`
    Now, they use the same notation:
     * For `addStyleFile('civicrm','css/bootstrap.css')`
       * Override `css/bootstrap.css`
       * Exclude `css/bootstrap.css`
     * For `('org.foo.bar','css/bang.css')`
       * Override `org.foo.bar-css/bang.css`
       * Exclude `org.foo.bar-css/bang.css`
    "Display Preferences" - Add the `theme_backend` and `theme_frontend` settings
    hook_civicrm_activeTheme - Allow extensions and CMS modules to choose active theme
    CRM_Utils_Hook::themes() - Tweak docblock
    Civi\Core\Themes - Move cache from `short` to `long`
    Remove tools/extensions/org.civicrm.demotheme
    Fix merge ahem errors
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