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      Deprecate calls to createCreditNoteId · f0d18278
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      createCreditNoteId is called from BAO_Contribution::add whenever the contribution
      status is 'Cancelled' or 'Refunded.
      A few lines later recordFinancialAccounts is called, so by the time recordFinancialAccounts is called
      it is already set & the empty check will prevent these lines being hit.
      All 4 places where updateFinancialAccounts are called in the
      code are from recordFinancialAccounts.
      Record financial accounts is called from Contribution Create & Payment create.
      contribution.create does not rely on these lines to set the creditnote_id, as discussed.
      In the BAO_Payment there are 2 scenarios
      1) payment is positive
      2) payment is negative - in this case recordRefundPayment is called.
      It's logically OK for the code to  NOT to create a credit note when being called from payment.create
       because payment.create is NOT cancelling the contribution or refunding it and the funtion NEVER changes
       the contribution status to Refunded, Cancelled, Chargeback (those are 'business' statuses).
      Payment.create updates contribution status to reflect a payment has been made - eg change from
      Pending to partially paid or various payment-related-statuses to 'Completed'.
      ie Payment.create is
      - only adding payments (or refunds) to an order
      - and the decision as to whether something is being credited back & warrants a credit note id or
      whether the payment is being returned due to overpayment or other payment related concerns does
      not belong in the payment code.
      Payment create never changes contribution
      status to Refunded, Cancelled or ChargeBack so the lines would never be hit from payment.create
      This leaves us with the conclusion the lines are never hit. For safety/sanity we can deprectate them rather
      than remove them by now. That way if the above analysis is wrong a test will fail.
      Less likely (given financial test coverage) the deprecation notice will show up in the wild in the next few months.
      (It's rather unclear how it DOES fit in since it feels like creditnote_id only applies if the entire
      contribution is being refunded & really should be generated at the point at which, for example, the event
      fees associated with it are changed - however, complaints to date about creditnote_id have all focussed
      on performance issues, not logic issues
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      Rename (some) labels to differ from names to simulate the fact they are... · 91786f44
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      Rename (some) labels to differ from names to simulate the fact they are different in internationalised extensions
      Adjust tests for renamed labels
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      Remove template refs to 'print for your records' · e2481819
      eileen authored
      We agreed to remove these a while back. Since https://github.com/civicrm/civicrm-core/pull/15466
      is already upgrading them it's a good chance to rip our the rest:
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