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      composer.{json,lock} - Make the "tplaner/when" exception for old PHP reproducible · ab242d96
      totten authored
      The library `tplaner/when` has an inaccurate dependency on php71 and
      requires special work to deploy on php70.
      The `composer.lock` file was manually edited to make it runnable on php70.
      However, if you `rm composer.lock && composer install`, then it fails.
      The `composer.json` and `composer.lock` are more repeatable.  If you run
      `rm composer.lock && composer install`, then it works.
      This adds a fairly ugly section.  However, the good news is that it should
      be more transparent - which should make it easier to understand/remove
      As a general rule, we don't want to have `civicrm-core.git` depend on
      packages/versions that aren't published.  This is a somewhat unusual
      edge-case - this package/version is published via `packagist.org`.  If you
      run without this on php71+, then you still get a valid/equivalent package.
      All that we've done is to enable running on `php70` (when `civicrm-core` is
      a root project).
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      Add in xkerman/restricted-unserialize package · 4c6c3076
      Seamus Lee authored
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      composer.json - Add all bower assets via composer-downloads-plugin · 598f4e80
      totten authored
      * JS and CSS libraries and downloaded via `bower`.
      * `bower` is deprecated.
      * `bower` is slow.
      * `bower` requires installing NodeJS
      * `bower` requries installing Bower
      * `composer install` downloads the `bower_components` folder
      * `composer` has a better cache
      * `composer` is fast
      * You can setup a dev build with fewer dependencies.
      There are many, many composer plugins which can be referenced when managing
      assets. This particular one has an important distinction:
      * It does not require root-level package configuration.
      * It produces a file-structure that closely matches the current one.
      * It works just as well as whether 'civicrm-core' is used as a root-package
        or as an dependency.
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      (drupal#79) Fail more gracefully when attempting to install on PHP 5.x · 1f180621
      totten authored
      If an admin stracts the code and navigates to `/sites/all/modules/civicrm/install/index.php`, it displays
      a syntax error.
      If an admin stracts the code and navigates to `/sites/all/modules/civicrm/install/index.php`, it displays
      the message:
      > __PHP Version Requirement__
      > CiviCRM requires PHP 7.0+. The web server is running PHP 5.6.38.
      This is similar to https://github.com/civicrm/civicrm-drupal/pull/583
      The canonical representation of the minimum PHP version is in
      `$civicrm_root/CRM/Upgrade/Form.php`.  However, setting up the classloader
      triggers a syntax error, so we need to read this without having access to
      the classloader.
      The approach herein has a few effects:
      * The minimum PHP can be read from a JSON file.
      * That JSON file is also used by `composer`, so you'll also get better errors when downloading that way.
      * At some unknown point, the minimum will probably bump up again (7.1 or 7.2 or whatever). When that
        happens, the unit-test will ensure we keep `CRM/Upgrade/Form.php` and `composer.json` in sync.
      Note: I was little concerned that the `composer.json` file might not be
      available when normal installers run, so I checked the published tarballs
      for D7, BD, WP, and J - in all cases, the `composer.json` looks to be
      included at the expected location.
  11. 14 Jun, 2019 2 commits
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      Add csv reader package · b6349baa
      eileen authored
      Adds https://csv.thephpleague.com/9.0/ because we can now (since we are php 7.x+ now).
      Apart from being a pretty good package it will help with writing tests for csv output
      It will also help us cleanup some of our csv code down the way
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      (REF) Convert YAML fixtures to JSON fixtures. Reset symfony/yaml dependency. · b01b546f
      totten authored
      The test suite includes some tests that read fixture data files (i.e. YAML files). This patch
      provides a safer way to address a dependency-management issue with parsing YAML files.
      * In the last public release (`5.14`), the `symfony/yaml` package was not included with `civicrm-core`.
        However, it was loaded during testing by virtue of running `phpunit6`.
      * In the `5.15` RC code, `symfony/yaml` was added -- so that the test suite worked in `phpunit6`.
        However, this also added `symfony/yaml` to the general runtime distribution - which is liable to create conflicts
        with Civi extensions and CMS modules that also bundle `symfony/yaml`. (It's a popular package.)
      * The test suite no longer uses YAML, and the build no longer requires `symfony/yaml`. Instead, it uses JSON.
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      Upgrade PHPWord · 66a7c254
      Seamus Lee authored
      Patch phpword install to fix global handling of disable libxml entity loader
      Fix phpoffice/common as well
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      CRM-21659 Add hook to CRM_Utils_System::redirect · f9bdf062
      eileen authored
      fixup CRM-21659 Add hook to CRM_Utils_System::redirect
      This renames the hook function to be stylistically more consistent.  In
      other tests, the function name matches the hook name.
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      composer.json - De-fork dependency, marcj/topsort · 77c89e7a
      totten authored
      When this dependency was originally added, we needed a few patches (for PHP 5.3 compatibility)
      and initially used a forked version of library. Of course, it's undesirable to use a fork
      in the long term (e.g. harder to apply upgrades; harder to merge into other build processes).
      In the intervening period, upstream has merged the patches for PHP 5.3, and
      we've politely asked downstream to get over PHP 5.3, so we're covered on
      both ends.  Let's get back on the mainline branch!
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