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      (NFC) SchemaStructure.php - Fix up mismatch between stored+generated code · 3eb2aab1
      totten authored
      The class `CRM_Core_I18n_SchemaStructure` is autogenerated via GenCode, and it is also commited to git.
      The two forms don't match because of the recent code-style cleanup.
      After running GenCode, there appears to be uncommitted changes in `CRM_Core_I18n_SchemaStructure`.
      The changes indicate a reversion in code-style (e.g. `null` vs `NULL`; some whitespace).
      GenCode produces output which matches the recent cleanup.
      Fixing `null` / `NULL` was easy. However, the whitespace mismatch was more subtle -- because the
      `PHP_Beautifier` was messing it up. To resolve, I disabled `PHP_Beautifier` for this file, and fixed
      the underlying templates to generate well-formed code.
      The output of the process matches the existing code; therefore, the change
      have no functional impact (NFC).  You can see this by running `setup.sh` and
      checking the `git status`.
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      Update new payment_processor.title field to be localisable · 4c257e17
      eileen authored
      Re-order upgrade to fix upgrade process and ensure there is the runSql step
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      (REF) CRM_Core_Resources - Move hook declaration from addCoreResources() to Container.php · f22fb451
      totten authored
      tldr: It's easier to declare `hook_civicrm_buildAsset` listeners at a high-level.
      Asset building can use two modes -- production mode writes a static file to
      disk when it's being reference.  Debug mode just generates a URL for a
      web-service (which in turn dynamically renders the content in a separate
      If the only mode were production mode, then the code would be on pretty
      solid ground.  We could even simplify things a lot by changing the
      AssetBuilder contract to replace the hooks with callbacks, as in:
      Civi::service('asset_builder')->getUrl('crm-menu.css', function() {
        return '...the css code...';
      Why have a hook?  Because hooks are generally context-free and
      always-available.  If we use debug-mode (or if we add a feature to warm-up
      the caches during deployment), then we'll want to fire that hook from a
      different context (e.g.  web-service or CLI), and the hook-listener needs to
      be available in those other contexts.
      It would be nice if we could declare hooks generally without needing to edit
      the `Container.php` mega-file (e.g.  maybe some kind of annotation).  But,
      for the moment, I think this is the best spot that we have in `civicrm-core`
      for ensuring that hook listeners are fully/consistently registered.
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      Allow payment processor to determine the text around 'continue' · e364c762
      eileen authored
      This text traditionally depends on the outdated payment processor 'mode' concept. Since the 'right' text depends
      on what the payment processor plans to do moving it out to the processor classes makes sense
      We could also do the same with 'button'
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      Standardise setTitle method on forms · d7188a5d
      eileen authored
      We have inconsistent methodology for setting the title. This is a minor simplification and
      consistency improvement. It also means hooks can call 'getTitle' - ideally all forms would call thi
      s & title handling would be consistent.... one day
  24. 07 Mar, 2019 1 commit
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      #562 remove more instances of ->free() · fccb50a6
      eileen authored
      Per #562 we have been incrementally removing these as
      1) we free resources on DAO->_destruct now and
      2) in some edge cases freeing resources in an 'inner loop' can free outer loop
      resources - resulting in a hard-to-analyse bug
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