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      CRM-20600 - Angular deps - Allow declaration in PHP code · 5438399c
      totten authored
      If third-parties are allowed to alter the HTML content, then they may
      introduce new dependencies.  This means that they'll need to delcare those
      Tangentially, this will also make it easier to construct more optimized
      base-pages (e.g.  "make a base-page with module X plus all its
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      setup.sh - Adapt to local version of composer/bower/karma · 77665792
      totten authored
       * For developers who work with many builds, it's better to have one copy of
         bower/karma rather than reinstalling an extra 50mb for each build.
         If a system already has a copy of these, then don't forcibly download them.
         (If you really want extra copies, you can run "npm install" yourself.)
       * Documentation for composer is historically a bit inconsistent about
         whether to use "composer" or "composer.phar".  Work with either.
  9. 31 Dec, 2014 1 commit
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      Fixed drush and node_modules/*.info file conflict · b18e61e0
      peterh authored
      Tim noticed that drush doesn't work when node_modules directory exists.
      People say that it's because of the *.info files that some things have
      in node_modules and suggested adding a line to the npm postinstall
      script to remove  any *.info files from there because they aren't really
      needed to run stuff. Because we are already doing brower install in the
      postinstall script, I broke the postinstall stuff into a separate
      script and put both things in there.
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      The start of a test framework for Angular. · 416abe87
      peterh authored
      To run:
      npm install
      npm test
      The beginnings of some tests for the new Angular code. Includes some tests
      for the case type stuff and the new mailing stuff.