Commit fa373cad authored by totten's avatar totten

CiviMail - Restore support for previewing mailing-tokens via TokenProcessor/Flexmailer

See preceding commit for general description - this simply applies the same
concept for another set of tokens.
parent e026b9e4
......@@ -61,7 +61,8 @@ class CRM_Mailing_Tokens extends \Civi\Token\AbstractTokenSubscriber {
* @inheritDoc
public function checkActive(\Civi\Token\TokenProcessor $processor) {
return !empty($processor->context['mailingId']) || !empty($processor->context['mailing']);
return !empty($processor->context['mailingId']) || !empty($processor->context['mailing'])
|| in_array('mailingId', $processor->context['schema']) || in_array('mailing', $processor->context['schema']);
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