Commit d52c94b9 authored by mukesh's avatar mukesh

HW:381/HW-382: Removed extra buttons from UI

parent fdf0906b
......@@ -8,14 +8,6 @@ Required vars: caseType
<div class="help">
{{ts('Use this screen to define or update the Case Roles, Activity Types, and Timelines for a case type.')}} <a href="" target="_blank">{{ts('Learn more...')}}</a>
<div class="crm-submit-buttons">
<button crm-icon="fa-check" ng-click="editCaseTypeForm.$setPristine(); save()" ng-disabled="editCaseTypeForm.$invalid">
<button crm-icon="fa-times" ng-click="editCaseTypeForm.$setPristine(); goto('caseType')">
<div ng-include="'~/crmCaseType/caseTypeDetails.html'"></div>
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