Commit 6968b473 authored by ginkgofjg's avatar ginkgofjg

Improved documentation of crmPageTitle directive.

Documented assumption that AngularJS base page be named "CiviCRM."
parent 852077a4
......@@ -1047,6 +1047,9 @@
// Sets document title & page title; attempts to override CMS title markup for the latter
// WARNING: Use only once per route!
// WARNING: This directive works only if your AngularJS base page does not
// set a custom title (i.e., it has an initial title of "CiviCRM"). See the
// global variables pageTitle and documentTitle.
// Example (same title for both): <h1 crm-page-title>{{ts('Hello')}}</h1>
// Example (separate document title): <h1 crm-document-title="ts('Hello')" crm-page-title><i class="crm-i fa-flag"></i>{{ts('Hello')}}</h1>
.directive('crmPageTitle', function($timeout) {
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