Commit 62e6c49c authored by totten's avatar totten

tools/scripts/phpunit - Flip back to preferring 'php' for subprocess


* On the test servers, `php` is wrapper script.
* Outside the test servers, you should be able to use `phpunit` directly
  (rather than calling `tools/scripts/phpunit`), and then it's
  not our problem.
parent 13218f7f
......@@ -87,12 +87,20 @@ $cmd =
function findPhp() {
if (defined('PHP_BINARY')) {
return PHP_BINARY; // php 5.4+
} elseif (defined('PHP_BINDIR') && file_exists(PHP_BINDIR . '/php')) {
return PHP_BINDIR . '/php'; // php 5.3
} else {
die("Failed to determine active PHP version.");
// The autodetect behavior here is a potential point of contention. These two cases are hard to reconcile:
// 1. `php` is actually a wrapper script which delegates to another PHP binary and
// passes options (such as INI's and PECL extensions). Subprocesses should use the wrapper script.
// Examples: bitnami, bknix
// 2. There are multiple PHP binaries (eg `php55`, `php70`). Subprocesses should use
// the final executable (regardless of its name).
// Example: using MAMP and adding 'ln -s /Application/MAMP/.../php7.1.2/bin/php ~/bin/php71`
// Since the test infra uses a wrapper script like (1), we use autodetect logic that works there.
// If you're in situation (2), then set an env-var or just skip on using `tools/scripts/phpunit`.
if (getenv('PHP')) {
return getenv('PHP');
else {
return 'php';
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