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## CiviCRM 4.7.31
Released March 7, 2018
- **[Synopsis](release-notes/**
- **[Features](release-notes/**
- **[Bugs resolved](release-notes/**
- **[Miscellany](release-notes/**
- **[Credits](release-notes/**
- **[Feedback](release-notes/**
## CiviCRM 4.7.30
Released February 7, 2018
# CiviCRM 4.7.31
Released March 7, 2018
- **[Synopsis](#synopsis)**
- **[Features](#features)**
- **[Bugs resolved](#bugs)**
- **[Miscellany](#misc)**
- **[Credits](#credits)**
- **[Feedback](#feedback)**
## <a name="synopsis"></a>Synopsis
| *Does this version...?* | |
|:--------------------------------------------------------------- |:-------:|
| Fix security vulnerabilities? | |
| Change the database schema? | |
| Alter the API? | |
| Require attention to configuration options? | |
| Fix problems installing or upgrading to a previous version? | |
| **Introduce features?** | **yes** |
| **Fix bugs?** | **yes** |
## <a name="features"></a>Features
### Core CiviCRM
- **[CRM-21654]( Support custom
file field on Batch Entry Profile
File fields are no longer suppressed when batch editing data using a profile,
and if the field currently has a file, the form displays its name.
- **[CRM-21751]( Move SMS provider ID to 'Select Recipients' page from 'SMS content' ([11656](**
- **[CRM-21316]( Refactor getRecipients fn by creating a new fn getMailRecipients, that will be used ONLY to fetch and store mail recipients ([11558](**
- **[CRM-21722]( Payment processor check configuration - improved message in UI ([11604](**
- **[CRM-21461]( Case Dashlet enhancement ([11304](**
- **[CRM-20769]( Allow for Button Text on profiles to be overriden in settings ([11598](**
- **[CRM-21715]( Activity Report: move the SQL creation to a buildQuery function ([11584](**
- **[CRM-21256]( Payment processor contribution page performance improvement ([11563](**
- **[CRM-21334]( Fire hooks on contact image deletion ([11163](**
- **[CRM-21701]( street addresses are not reliably parsed ([11579](**
- **[CRM-21660]( Remove use of deprecated function on mapping_type ([11525](**
- **[CRM-21688]( Use fontawesome to show membership auto-renew status and and error indicator ([11561](**
- **[CRM-21573]( Allow to disable sending of email from activity source contact email for receipt ([11424](**
- **[CRM-21540]( Add support for auto-complete fields in the batch entry forms ([11398](**
- **[CRM-21671]( Add core tasks class ([11536](**
- **[CRM-21511]( Add recurring contribution to membership detail and contribution ([11555]( and [11365](**
- **[CRM-21323]( Fix backend credit card payment processor selection ([11530](**
- **[CRM-21512]( Remove restriction on "update subscription" when linked to membership ([11366](**
- **[CRM-21244]( Enhancements to "FROM email addresses" ([11047](**
- **[CRM-21621]( Provide ability to delete first website field ([11480](**
- **[CRM-21629]( Resource URL status check gets false positive when blank user agents are blocked ([11488](**
- **[CRM-21591]( PHP 7.1 issue Non well form numeric value encountered when viewing the misc settings screen ([11505]( and [11447](**
- **[CRM-21050]( Use datepicker for all date fields used in contribution backoffice form ([10841](**
- **[CRM-21618]( Add missing structure in templates ([11478](**
- **[CRM-13123]( Handle value-separated fields at the dao level ([11472](**
- **[CRM-8140]( Not possible to select fields for export when using Custom Searches ([11458](**
- **[CRM-21599]( Add missing structure in templates ([11457](**
- **[CRM-21546]( Implement unique opens filter for mailing opened report ([11401](**
- **[CRM-21593]( New order by options for WalkList Report ([11449](**
- **[CRM-21226]( Add view filter handler for contact reference custom field ([508](**
### CiviCRM API
- **[CRM-21750]( Add support for address_id, email_greeting_id, postal_greeting_id to api Contact.get ([11654](**
- **[CRM-21707]( Handle metadata based serialisation in apiv3 basic_create_fallover ([11648](, [11607](, and [11583](**
### CiviContribute, CiviCRM Search
- **[CRM-21343]( Search Contributions by Cancel Date and Cancel Reason ([11638](**
### Extension System
- **[CRM-20625]( Better Payment Processor extension error handling ([11631](**
- **[CRM-21140]( Agree & (if applicable) implement approach to storing extension data for entities / tables ([11567](**
### CiviCRM Search
- **[CRM-21674]( Allow proximity search to accept lat & long at the BAO/api level & custom search form ([11542](**
- **[CRM-21717]( Allow for selecting multiple relationship types in advanced search ([11595](**
- **[CRM-21634]( Standardise component search options for contact fields, add contact type ([11492](**
### CiviReport
- **[CRM-21616]( sql metadata is being lost when calling the report from the api ([11476](**
- **[CRM-21670]( Search of active relationships does not appear on Relationship Report ([11537](**
- **[CRM-21635]( Expose contact custom data on contribution summary report ([11494](**
### Core CiviCRM, Internationalisation
- **[CRM-21719]( Require Multibyte PHP Extension ([11612]( and [11599](**
### WordPress Integration
- **[CRM-16421]( Work to get CiviCRM for WordPress in WordPress' official Repository ([11576]( and [122](**
### CiviContribute
- **[CRM-21698]( On some systems recording a negative contribution results in a $0 contribution ([11577](**
### CiviMember
- **[CRM-20707]( membership inheritance does not update start/end dates ([10485](**
- **[CRM-21554]( Offline Credit Card Membership Renewal not showing any error message on failure ([11408](**
### CiviCRM Search, Core CiviCRM
- **[CRM-21672]( Intra-rc regression - fatal error on deleting participant ([11538](**
### CiviCRM Profile
- **[CRM-21225]( CIVICRM-506 Add a new field, Profile Title so that the Profile Name does not serve a dual purpose of labelling the Profile and displaying the Title for the Profile fields publicly ([11508]( and [11503](**
### Drupal Integration Modules
- **[CRM-21652]( Numerous issues with anonymous users registering accounts on Drupal 8 (especially from contribution pages) ([11509]( and [11507](**
- **[CRM-20822]( Expose tag parent id in views ([459](**
- **[CRM-21758]( Add event "created_id" to Drupal Views ([519](**
### CiviCase
- **[CRM-21498]( Option to Change Status of Linked Cases ([11350](**
### CiviMail, Core CiviCRM
- **[CRM-21020]( alterMailContent hook: pass additional contextual details ([10815](**
### CiviCase, Core CiviCRM
- **[CRM-21520]( Add Action on Contact Search to Add Contacts to a Case ([11371](**
## <a name="bugs"></a>Bugs resolved
### CiviMail
- **[CRM-21759]( mailing template selector missing ([11676](**
- **[CRM-21683]( Mailing summary breaks on mailing names with apostrophes ([11557](**
- **[CRM-21260]( CiviMail compose UI very slow to initialize when many mailing groups, past mailings and templates ([11142](**
- **[CRM-21521]( Bounce processing exception: no such property 'text' ([11390](**
### NYSS
- **[CRM-21760]( Manager Name is missing in 'Find Cases' search list ([11665](**
### Core CiviCRM
- **Change geocoder message check. ([11664](**
- **[CRM-20996]( Copy profile from wizard duplicates 'name' in database ([11597](**
- **dev/core#2 Display Inbound Email: linefeed fixed ([11661](**
- **Unit test fixes ([11659](**
- **[CRM-21738]( Merges not copying viewOnly data (regression but not recent) ([11636](**
- **Fix unit test to not rely on hacking the DB to have ids for price set… ([11652](**
- **fix dev/core#1: allow to search contributions that are in progress ([11640](**
- **Added trait to support Codeception tests ([11115](**
- **Allow data-params to be specified as an item property and passed to CRM.api3 call ([11639](**
- **[CRM-21742]( Use form validation rather than Exception handling for proximity seach ([11643](**
- **[CRM-19784]( Yahoo Placefinder service appears to have EOL'ed ([11540](**
- **[CRM-21737]( New option value validation is too tight for languages ([11633](**
- **Amount and source could exceed max length of subject column ([11593](**
- **[CRM-21721]( Notice : Division by zero ([11623]( and [11601](**
- **Website api - fix nonstandard BAO delete method ([11625](**
- **(NFC) Fix logging test for multilingual on MySQL5.7 ([11626](**
- **[CRM-21730]( postProcess() hook don't receive case id after submitting "New Case" form ([11618](**
- **[nfc] Fix intermittantly failing test. ([11617](**
- **[CRM-21729]( Exclude (non-lintable) vendor test cases from deply ([11613](**
- **Use mb_strlen() in ellipsify() to avoid excessive multibyte truncation ([11594](**
- **[CRM-21524]( CiviCRM exports (postal) mailing lists including Contacts clearly marked is_deceased in the database ([11527](**
- **Minor api clean up. ([11569](**
- **[CRM-21687]( MariaDB 10.2 and logging: log_civicrm_activity schema syntax error ([11580](**
- **Api4 - Update entity directory ([11582](**
- **Fix typo (very recent) ([11566](**
- **[CRM-21623]( Smart Group Relative Date not saving for some fields in Advance Search. ([11486](**
- **EXT-56 - Add com.iatspayments.civicrm to tarballs ([11052](**
- **Add API parameter for fix_address ([11372](**
- **[CRM-21684]( contact subtype fields prevent inclusion in profile/receipt email ([11559](**
- **Minor api tidy up. ([11543](**
- **Fix mock test data for PaymentProcessor object. ([11545](**
- **[CRM-21667]( Bad timezone hand-off from CMS to CRM ([11534](**
- **[CRM-21651]( Contact :: New Email/SMS : loading failed when no contact is found ([11506](**
- **[CRM-21669]( Consistent wording for "Email - Send now" task ([11535](**
- **[CRM-21613]( Search issues on 'Manage Tag' page ([11510]( and [11467](**
- **[CRM-21663]( Fix Campaign Search and result structure ([11528](**
- **[CRM-21444]( Empty field at form "Add rule for..." merge duplicate contacts ([11523](**
- **[CRM-20904]( Joomla - Fatal Error when schedule job is executed from cron.php ([10692](**
- **[CRM-21485]( Tax not added when renewing membership in backend ([11459](**
- **[CRM-21533]( Outbound setting reverts in non-production sites on executing sched job ([11393](**
- **[CRM-17352]( Backbone no-conflict ([11504]( and [198](**
- **Edit to contributor listing: Standalone code contributor from now. ([11512](**
- **[CRM-21647]( Fatal error on deleting any contribution record ([11500](**
- **[CRM-21644]( Preferred Communication Method is not set to default for contact ([11499](**
- **Fix unit test failure ([11479](**
- **[CRM-21612]( Membership Payment not recorded for recurring contribution when status label is changed. ([11465](**
- **[CRM-18300]( "Permission denied" message re contact on CiviCRM dashboard ([11470](**
- **[CRM-21614]( Tag UI doesn't appear to respect reserved tags permission ([11469](**
- **[CRM-21580]( exporting financial batch fails when label of batch statuses changed ([11434](**
- **Reformat DAO files to pass linting and use short array syntax ([11418](**
- **[CRM-21589]( "Repeat Contributions" report ignores sort ([11446](**
- **Params to assertGreaterThanOrEqual in api_v3_CaseTest were in wrong order ([11451](**
- **[CRM-20614]( Do not Download Export file for Financial Batch ([10393](**
- **Backport fix from D7 module. ([514](**
- **Update ([516](**
- **Installation - If available, use the new installer package ([121](**
- **[CRM-17652]( Symfony conflict between Civi and Drupal 8 ([193](**
### CiviCampaign
- **[CRM-21602]( Disable/Enable
Campaign not working
The loading icon would not stop when working with the listings of campaigns,
surveys, and petitions.
### CiviEvent
- **[CRM-21743]( Creating an event template from existing one does not work ([11644](**
- **[CRM-21071]( Event Location Tab: Second Email and Phone fields broken ([11568](**
### CiviContribute, CiviEvent, Internationalisation
- **[CRM-17647]( Recording payment truncates the amount after the comma (whether thousands or decimal separator) ([11539](, [11646](, [11575](, [11574](, [11554](, [11547](, and [11541](**
### CiviContribute
- **[CRM-20676]( Tax applied repeatedly on edits of price set events ([11655]( and [11461](**
- **[CRM-19752]( Slow query created by financial type acls ([11621]( and [9746](**
- **[CRM-21665]( Check Number show hide not working ([11611](**
- **[CRM-21724]( Receipt for membership contribution sending custom fields for wrong membership type ([11605](**
- **[CRM-21656]( Backend Membership with Priceset applies taxes twice to line_item ([11521](**
- **[CRM-21155]( Hook batchItems does not change the csv export ([10951](**
- **[CRM-19107]( PayPal Button Error ([11474](**
- **[CRM-21609]( PayPal Pro IPN code no longer respects changed recurring amount ([11463](**
### CiviCRM API
- **[CRM-21749]( [obscure intra-rc regression] Mailing api no longer respecting '_skip_evil_bao_auto_schedule_' ([11653](**
- **[CRM-21728]( Intermittant fatal on pcp.create api ([11606](**
### CiviCRM Search
- **[CRM-21744]( Fix proximity custom search to work with smart groups ([11645](**
- **[CRM-21159]( Address fields cause DB errors when adding contacts to group from Search Builder ([11524]( and [11422](**
### CiviCase
- **[CRM-21704]( Do Not allow a case type that is reserved to be deleted or disabled. ([11581](**
### CiviMember
- **[CRM-19920]( Job.process_membership uses too much memory ([11564](**
### CiviCRM Search, Core CiviCRM
- **[CRM-14834]( Activity Export with Relationships incurs fatal error ([11526](**
### CiviContribute, CiviCRM API
- **[CRM-21664]( Contributions creation result in error for certain currencies ([11533](**
### CiviReport
- **[CRM-18048]( Activity Report fatal error when including custom field set with long name ([11183](**
- **[CRM-21528]( top donor report: add2group error ([11482](**
### Internationalisation
- **[CRM-21627]( Can't enable multilanguage support in Drupal ([11491](**
### CiviContribute, CiviCRM Search
- **[CRM-20866]( Soft credit appearance inconsistent in contribution search ([11433](**
### Drupal Integration Modules
- **[CRM-20298]( Drupal Views: Custom fields of type Money should use the same filter operators as Integer fields ([436](**
- **[crm-16541]( drush civicrm-sql-dump fails to dump stored function ([520](**
### Backdrop Integration
- **[CRM-21619]( Can't install CiviCRM on Backdrop using the Module Installer ([44](**
## <a name="misc"></a>Miscellany
## <a name="credits"></a>Credits
This release was developed by the following code authors:
AGH Strategies - Alice Frumin, Tommy Bobo; ajesamson; Australian Greens - Seamus Lee; CiviCoop - Erik Hommel; CiviCRM - Coleman Watts, Tim Otten; CiviDesk - Sunil Pawar, Yashodha Chaku; CompuCorp - Camilo Rodriguez, Michael Devery, Mukesh Ram, Omar Abu Hussein; Coop SymbioTIC - Mathieu Lutfy; Electronic Frontier Foundation - Mark Burdett; Francesc Bassas i Bullich; Freeform Solutions - Herb van den Dool; Fuzion - Jitendra Purohit; Ginkgo Street Labs - Frank Gómez; JazzMan; JMA Consulting - Monish Deb; Johan Vervloet; John Kingsnorth; Joinery - Allen Shaw; Joost Fock; karthik-awebon; lemacarl; Lighthouse Design and Consulting - Brian Shaughnessy; Megaphone Technology Consulting - Jon Goldberg; MJW Consulting - Matthew Wire; mountev; myDropWizard - David Snopek; Oxfam Germany - Thomas Schüttler; pbatroff; Pradeep Nayak; Progressive Technology Project - Jamie McClelland; sluc23; Squiffle Consulting - Aidan Saunders; sunnycs121; Systopia - Björn Endres; Tech To The People - Xavier Dutoit; Third Sector Design - Michael McAndrew; Timbsoft Technologies - Tunbola Ogunwande; username12; Vedant Rathore; Wikimedia Foundation - Eileen McNaughton, Elliott Eggleston; yurg
Most authors also reviewed code for this release; in addition, the following
reviewers contributed their comments:
AGH Strategies - Alice Frumin, Andrew Hunt, Tommy Bobo; Agileware - Agileware Team; alexlee; Andy Clarke; Anthony Borrow; Australian Greens - Seamus Lee; BackOffice Thinking - Hassan Farooq; Blackfly Solutions - Alan Dixon; Chris Burgess; Christophe Golle; Circle Interactive - Andrew Walker, Dave Jenkins; CiviCoop - Erik Hommel; civicrm-builder; CiviCRM - Coleman Watts, Tim Otten; CiviDesk - Nicolas Ganivet, Sunil Pawar, Yashodha Chaku; com2; CompuCorp - Camilo Rodriguez, Guanhuan Chen, Michael Devery, Mukesh Ram, Omar Abu Hussein, Tunbola Ogunwande; Comunica2 - René Nieuwburg; coolbit; Coop SymbioTIC - Mathieu Lutfy; Custom Websites to Go - Julie Hall; Dave Greenberg; Dave Rolsky; DevMate - Adam Kwiatkowski; Donald Lobo; Electronic Frontier Foundation - Mark Burdett; Evan Chute; Francesc Bassas i Bullich; Freeform Solutions - Herb van den Dool; Fuzion - Gemma Potaka, Jitendra Purohit, Peter Davis; gah242s; Ginkgo Street Labs - Dan O'Brien, Frank Gómez; heather oliver; hollyhanks; JMA Consulting - Joe Murray, Monish Deb; Johan Vervloet; John Kingsnorth; Joinery - Allen Shaw; Joost; Joost Fock; Joseph Lacey; Juan David Hurtado G.; Just Hope - Phil Morice Brubaker; karthik-awebon; Klangsoft - David Reedy Jr; Korlon - Stuart Gaston; larssg; lemacarl; Lemniscus - Noah Miller; liblogger; Lighthouse Design and Consulting - Brian Shaughnessy; MC3 - Graham Mitchell; Megaphone Technology Consulting - Jon Goldberg; mickc; MJW Consulting - Matthew Wire; mpeth; myDropWizard - David Snopek; Nathan Brettell; Nubay Services - David Tarrant; Oxfam Germany - Thomas Schüttler; Palante Technology Cooperative - Jack Aponte; philmb; pnbpss; Pradeep Nayak; Progressive Technology Project - Jamie McClelland; Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario - Thomas Mannell; Renz56c.o; reperry; Richard van Oosterhout; Saurabh Batra; Semper IT - Karin Gerritsen; Skvare - Mark Hanna; slovak; sluc23; smmd; spry_julia; Squiffle Consulting - Aidan Saunders; sunnycs121; Systopia - Björn Endres, Fabian Schuttenberg; Tadpole Collective - Kevin Cristiano; Team Expansion - Greg Harris; Tech To The People - Xavier Dutoit; themak; Third Sector Design - Michael McAndrew; Tobias Lounsbury; trakos; Vedant Rathore; Web Access - Kurund Jalmi; We Move Europe/Caltha - Tomasz Pietrzkowski; Wikimedia Foundation - Eileen McNaughton, Elliott Eggleston
## <a name="feedback"></a>Feedback
These release notes are edited by Andrew Hunt. If you'd like to provide
feedback on them, please login to and contact
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