Commit 37913f89 authored by kcristiano's avatar kcristiano

CiviDist fails on BSD flavor of 'cp' with '-r -p' switch to '-R -p'

parent c321e2d9
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ cp "$SRC/joomla/admin/admin.civicrm.php" "$DM_TMPDIR/com_civicrm/admin/civicrm.p
# generate alt version of package
cp -r -p civicrm com_civicrm/admin/civicrm
cp -R -p civicrm com_civicrm/admin/civicrm
${DM_PHP:-php} $DM_SOURCEDIR/distmaker/utils/joomlaxml.php $DM_SOURCEDIR com_civicrm $DM_VERSION alt
${DM_ZIP:-zip} -q -r -9 $DM_TARGETDIR/civicrm-$ com_civicrm
rm -rf com_civicrm/admin/civicrm
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