Commit 149eb9bb authored by Eileen McNaughton's avatar Eileen McNaughton Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #14530 from yashodha/mem_reports

Expose Primary member only/Non primary member only filter in membersh…
parents 343b8ebd 05220333
......@@ -612,6 +612,18 @@ class CRM_Report_Form_Member_ContributionDetail extends CRM_Report_Form {
return $statistics;
public function getOperationPair($type = "string", $fieldName = NULL) {
$result = parent::getOperationPair($type, $fieldName);
//re-name IS NULL/IS NOT NULL for clarity
if ($fieldName == 'owner_membership_id') {
$result['nll'] = ts('Primary members only');
$result['nnll'] = ts('Non-primary members only');
return $result;
public function postProcess() {
// get the acl clauses built before we assemble the query
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