Commit 1246fd4c authored by totten's avatar totten

(flexmailer#29) Mailing.preview API - Fix array access warning. Make unit-test pass.

parent 85c64c59
......@@ -578,16 +578,17 @@ function civicrm_api3_mailing_preview($params) {
$mailingParams = ['contact_id' => $contactID];
// if $contactID is zero we are dealing with annon user so call separate function for annon users
if (!$contactID) {
$details = CRM_Utils_Token::getAnonymousTokenDetails($mailingParams, $returnProperties, TRUE, TRUE, NULL, $mailing->getFlattenedTokens());
$details = CRM_Utils_Array::value(0, $details[0]);
else {
$details = CRM_Utils_Token::getTokenDetails($mailingParams, $returnProperties, TRUE, TRUE, NULL, $mailing->getFlattenedTokens());
$details = $details[0][$contactID];
$mime = $mailing->compose(NULL, NULL, NULL, $contactID, $fromEmail, $fromEmail,
TRUE, $details[0][$contactID], $attachments
TRUE, $details, $attachments
return civicrm_api3_create_success([
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