Commit 045528b3 authored by totten's avatar totten

CRM-17711 - distmaker/backdrop - Load proper civicrm.config.php

parent 17740013
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ TRG=$DM_TMPDIR/civicrm
# copy all the stuff
dm_reset_dirs "$TRG"
cp $SRC/drupal/civicrm.config.php.backdrop $TRG/civicrm.config.php
cp $SRC/backdrop/civicrm.config.php.backdrop $TRG/civicrm.config.php
dm_generate_version "$TRG/civicrm-version.php" Backdrop
dm_install_core "$SRC" "$TRG"
dm_install_packages "$SRC/packages" "$TRG/packages"
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