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    CRM-20756 - Add Angular `ui.bootstrap` library · e88c001e
    totten authored
    This adds the library
    [ui.bootstrap](https://angular-ui.github.io/bootstrap/), which makes it
    easier to include the functional elements of Bootstrap in AngularJS pages.
    In the past, adding this was problematic, but now the situation has
    1.  civicrm-core has upgraded to AngularJS 1.5.  (In the past, civicrm-core
    used AngularJS 1.3, which was incompatible.)
    2.  civicrm-core allows optional AngularJS modules.  (In the past, all
    modules were loaded unconditionally, which could result in loading
    new/unnecessary code for legacy users.  Now, you can opt-out of this
    behavior with `basePages=>array()`.)
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