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    (REF) Convert YAML fixtures to JSON fixtures. Reset symfony/yaml dependency. · b01b546f
    totten authored
    The test suite includes some tests that read fixture data files (i.e. YAML files). This patch
    provides a safer way to address a dependency-management issue with parsing YAML files.
    * In the last public release (`5.14`), the `symfony/yaml` package was not included with `civicrm-core`.
      However, it was loaded during testing by virtue of running `phpunit6`.
    * In the `5.15` RC code, `symfony/yaml` was added -- so that the test suite worked in `phpunit6`.
      However, this also added `symfony/yaml` to the general runtime distribution - which is liable to create conflicts
      with Civi extensions and CMS modules that also bundle `symfony/yaml`. (It's a popular package.)
    * The test suite no longer uses YAML, and the build no longer requires `symfony/yaml`. Instead, it uses JSON.
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