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    composer.json - Add all bower assets via composer-downloads-plugin · 598f4e80
    totten authored
    * JS and CSS libraries and downloaded via `bower`.
    * `bower` is deprecated.
    * `bower` is slow.
    * `bower` requires installing NodeJS
    * `bower` requries installing Bower
    * `composer install` downloads the `bower_components` folder
    * `composer` has a better cache
    * `composer` is fast
    * You can setup a dev build with fewer dependencies.
    There are many, many composer plugins which can be referenced when managing
    assets. This particular one has an important distinction:
    * It does not require root-level package configuration.
    * It produces a file-structure that closely matches the current one.
    * It works just as well as whether 'civicrm-core' is used as a root-package
      or as an dependency.
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