1. 30 Apr, 2020 4 commits
  2. 29 Apr, 2020 3 commits
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      #1724 - Backward-compatible handling of 'contribution_invoice_settings.invoicing' · 84d52986
      totten authored
      In the old setting `contribution_invoice_settings`, the `invoicing`
      property (aka "CiviContribute Component Settings" => "Enable Tax and
      Invoicing") could take one of two values:
      1. If enabled, it's an array with trueish subkey: `['invoicing'=>1]`
      2. If disabled, it's a numeric zero.
      This encoding is weird, and `contribution_invoice_settings` is generally deprecated
      and has been replaced by a virtual rendition which needs to be consistent with the
      old representation -- so that a couple-dozen things continue working.
      For testing, it helped me to try these commands at different points:
      cv ev 'return CRM_Invoicing_Utils::isInvoicingEnabled();'
      cv api setting.get return=invoicing
      cv api setting.get return=contribution_invoice_settings
      select * from civicrm_setting where name like 'contrib%' or name like 'invoic%';
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      FiveTwentyFive - Convert settings during upgrade · 6f306db3
      totten authored
      Consider this use-case:
      * Install 5.22
      * Configure `CiviContribute Component Settings`
      * Upgrade to 5.25.beta
      The settings are lost during the upgrade.
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      Set version to 5.25.beta3 · 690000c7
      totten authored
  3. 28 Apr, 2020 4 commits
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      #1724 - Fix defaults for invoice-related settings · be177277
      totten authored
      The default values were previously stored in 'contribution_invoice_settings', but
      the updates are stored in individual settings, which makes it difficult to reconcile
      the default values and explicit values.
      With this revision, 'contribution_invoice_settings' is strictly virtual, and
      all the other settings (like 'invoice_due_date') are canonical.
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      (REF) #1724 - SettingsBag - Convert to computeVirtual/updateVirtual · 8f2a141a
      totten authored
      The `SettingsBag` uses the `$combined` property to (locally) cache a full
      view of the active settings (based on combining different layers of data --
      default-values, explicit-values, and mandatory-values). This design is
      good for read-mostly data.
      This patch changes the `__ContributionSettings` to be another layer in the
      construction of `$combined` -- the virtual-values layer.  It fixes issues
      1. The virtual value is recomputed during every call to `get($key)`.
      2. The virtual value is only based on explicit-values -- it disregards
         default-values and mandatory-values.
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      #1724 Fix Changes to CiviContribute Component Settings not saved · 1807fca4
      eileen authored
      It seems that, depending on the order in which settings are loaded, this is not always populated. Moving it here
      addresses, although medium term we should address all references to it
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  5. 26 Apr, 2020 1 commit
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      #1710 Ensure that civicrm_case_activity is properly populated for use... · 07d4be20
      Seamus Lee authored
      #1710 Ensure that civicrm_case_activity is properly populated for use by report query when run in force mode
      Move table definition into constructor to set alias using standard ways and only rely on the code in the buildQuery to add in the case_id column as necessary
      Fix hiding of case_id column
      Update to include Case ID column
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