1. 29 Jan, 2020 1 commit
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    • Elliott Eggleston's avatar
      loadServices: tighten up file match regex · 733f2b35
      Elliott Eggleston authored
      Before: Civi code living under a path containing the characters php
      (such as ~/src/php/civicrm) will crash trying to load services with
      a message like the following:
         ReflectionException: Class Civi\Api4\Service\Spec\Provider\src
         does not exist in ReflectionClass->__construct()
      After: Civi loads services normally no matter what the enclosing path
  5. 23 Jan, 2020 3 commits
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      Merge pull request #16356 from totten/5.22-gencode-ts · 84bed197
      totten authored
      (#1546) Fix translation of seed data
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      (NFC) LocalizedDataTest - Add tips on running · b750d1c9
      totten authored
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      (#1546) Fix translation of seed data · 04f32c6f
      totten authored
      This fixes a regression in which seed data is not translated.
      The `civicrm_data.*.mysql` files are not translated.
      The `civicrm_data.*.mysql` files are translated.
      There's a unit-test to check this.
      This regression stems from #15411, which aimed to allow extensions to define
      custom variants of `ts()`.  The crux of the issue is "What happens if you
      try to translate a string before the system is bootstrapped - before the
      extension is loaded?  What's your fallback behavior?"
      In #15411, it used a fallback behavior of "do no translation".  In theory,
      you shouldn't really get into this scenario since UIs are pretty much always
      generated post-boot.
      However, it turns out that there is a situation where you have an un-booted
      system and need to translate strings -- i.e. when generating the localized
      `civicrm_data.*.mysql` data.  Hence the bug.
      This patch preserves most of the changes from #15411, but it changes the
      fallback behavior from "do no translation" to "use the built-in/default
  6. 17 Jan, 2020 2 commits
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      Merge pull request #16313 from eileenmcnaughton/522 · f2b9a6fb
      Seamus Lee authored
      #1217 Fix for failure to respect event_id (or any?) criteria in smart groups
    • eileen's avatar
      #1217 Fix for failure to respect event_id (or any?) criteria in smart groups · 56d513f2
      eileen authored
      From what I can tell it's possible to create smart groups from Advanced search & other contact searchs & Membership Search & Event search.
      Membership search actually just leverages advanced search but Event Search smart group has it's own code & reloads into Event search.
      This has been flawed for months but the current iteration is the criteria are not respected. On digging I found the decision was made in
      contact search to store the parsed QueryParams (in [field_name, 'IN', [1,2]] format not the formValues. I think this was probably a mistake.
      However, by adjusting the event code to do the same & ensuring the defaults are set it starts working again
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