1. 08 Jul, 2021 5 commits
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      Add unit test for event copy · 6bd0e275
      Eileen McNaughton authored
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      event#58 Ensure custom data is not saved to template's row · e9fc038f
      Eileen McNaughton authored
      This ensures than when we are copying (implicity a create-new-action) we do not
      update an existing row in the custom data table by explicity unsetting the
      id in the copy function. This has been bouncey behaviour because
      the formatting for form purposes relies on form type formatting and yet
      for save purposes it's not really fit for purpose. Although a bit
      hacky this approach should be robust & avoids a re-write on the form
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  13. 15 Jun, 2021 5 commits
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      Merge pull request #20609 from colemanw/readOnlyApis · 020c9134
      Seamus Lee authored
      APIv4 - Make LineItem, EntityFinancialTrxn and FinancialTrxn read-only
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      Merge pull request #20611 from eileenmcnaughton/539_o · ff472641
      Seamus Lee authored
      Fix unreleased api change to more logical variant
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      test failure fix · 1384752a
      Monish Deb authored and colemanw's avatar colemanw committed
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      Fix unreleased api change · e376b300
      Eileen McNaughton authored
      An unreleased change adds the entity ids for membership to the return values.
      However, on digging into further cleanup I realised that the entity ids are in
      the line item array, along with other values which may or may not be useful,
      and it's cleaner, more complete and more maintainable to return the line_items.
      It requires an extra foreach loop in the calling code but
      I don't see that as a downside.
      We should change this in the rc so what is released is consistent
      Test cover in testSubmitRecur & other tests in CRM_Member_Form_MembershipTest
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      APIv4 - Make LineItem, EntityFinancialTrxn and FinancialTrxn read-only · f818ece6
      colemanw authored
      Adds a new ReadOnly trait which annotates write methods as @internal
      and sets write permissions to ALWAYS_DENY.
      This effectively hides the write actions from the API Explorer,
      and restricts use of the write methods to when `checkPermissions = FALSE`.
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