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      Remove foreign key on civicrm_acl_contact_id.user_id. · dbb4e4f9
      eileen authored
      This won't actually remove it from installs - we need to address that separately via ensuring people can and do run
      the System.updateIndices api call but it removes it from new installs and from
      tests, hence the test should pass
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      Fix mishandling / loss of check_permission flag · a99b82c5
      eileen authored
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      Add test to demonstrate fatal error when accessing permitted users that are... · 1876e376
      eileen authored
      Add test to demonstrate fatal error when accessing permitted users that are cached using the acl_cache.
      This has arisen during investigation of a possible regression - it turns out that if you give the 'everyone' group
      access to a contact using ACLs (or hooks I believe) they get a fatal error on any attempt at event or other registration.
      The issue is that when attempting to check for duplicates the call is made using check_permission. This in itself is a possible
      regression as the CRM_Dedupe_Finder::dupesByParams function now drops the check_permission key when it is equal to 0 from
      So we have an issue that
      1) we are now applying check_permission when doing a dupe_check from front end forms - this probably is resulting in 5.9
      sites getting too many duplicates are they would always be null for anon users
      2) if we DO do a permissions check when an acl or hook has been used to give anon users permission to access
      contacts then they will get a fatal error. This is because it sets contact_id to 0 and attempts to insert it into the
      I think we need to either remove the array_filter line that we think we may not need per code comments
      or add specific handling for the check_permission flag
      AND drop the foreign key constraint on the civicm_acl_contact_cache table. This means they will
      no longer be removed when a contact is deleted but this is a clean up issue rather than one with
      functionaly implications & we *should* have some form of cleanup in play on that table. In addition,
      removing the constraint will reduce write contention
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      Fix php 7.2 countable warning · 10a35967
      eileen authored
      per #406 (comment 12393)
      Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in CRM_Event_Form_Participant->submit() (line 1722 of .../all/modules/civicrm/CRM/Event/Form/Participant.php).
  12. 03 Jan, 2019 8 commits