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      Cleanup copyValues DAO function · fc944198
      colemanw authored
      The $serializeArrays parameter was transitional and is now always enabled.
      Passing $params by reference was unnecessary and has been removed.
      Renamed a few variables for readability.
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  10. 22 Dec, 2019 2 commits
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      Fix misleading error message on deadlock · 7f1a780c
      eileen authored
      We were seeing error messages like
      API_Exception : financial_type_id is not valid : Donation
      when a deadlock was hit. The error made not sense as 'Donation' DID exist and did not help us
      to identify the issue as a deadlock. It's still helpful with a deadlock to know if
      a real constraint violation is hit as per #1481 sometimes
      a disturbing amount of queries have been rolled back.
      Let's fix to handle pseudoconstants here & give a useful message.
      The previously converted params did not get to this point but we can re-do that work in this low
      volume function rather than do a lot of re-thinking
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      [NFC] Declare exceptions, use single quotes where possible, use strict comparison · a22a5119
      eileen authored
      General coding standards. If we know one side is a string we can switch comparison to strict
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      Support payment related fields on Payment.Create · a494d7a3
      eileen authored
      On some digging I found that various payment related fields like pan_truncation & card_type_id were
      being quietly ignored rather than saved by Payment.create
      The additional payment form now uses this api so it is a regression on that form.
      This fixes the metadata, tests & support for payment-related trxn fields
  14. 12 Jun, 2019 1 commit
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      [REF] #561 Convert Contribution Date field and contribution cancel... · 6e7cc0f5
      Seamus Lee authored
      [REF] #561 Convert Contribution Date field and contribution cancel date field to use date picker on search form
      Update ContributionAggregate search as well as it uses the field name contribution_date as well as core search
      Add in Upgrade Step to handle change in export and profiles and update default return properties and tests and api for the new unique field names
      Convert Cancel Date field as well
      Inlcude schema changes
      Fix test
      Fix some more reports
      Update generated data
      Revert namespace change to contribution
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  16. 24 May, 2019 2 commits
    • eileen's avatar
      Docblock fixes · e97c66ff
      eileen authored
      These are the drupal coder standard but with less rules commented out. Note the null vs NULL
      is coming from there.
      I think we can now merge https://github.com/civicrm/coder/pull/7 without undue pain on submitters.
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      #982 add dedupe.getstatistics api · e13fa54b
      eileen authored
      Per gitlab the intent is to add a bunch of api so get the logic out of the form into somewhere more accessible.
      Following agreement on this I would change all calls to CRM_Dedupe_Merger::getMergeStats to call this api
      and get rid of the call to CRM_Core_BAO_PrevNextCache::retrieve from getMergeStats since that retrieve
      function really does differrent stuff & is being kinda pointlessly overloaded here.
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      (NFC) Update version in header · fee14197
      totten authored
      This is a simple administrative update to the headers. It was generated with the command:
      rgrep '| CiviCRM version 4.7' CRM/ Civi ang api bin extern install/ settings/ templates -l \
        | xargs sed -i'' "s/| CiviCRM version 4.7/| CiviCRM version 5  /g"
      Tthe inclusion of `|` aimed to avoid matching any non-header text (e.g. inline docs that
      mentioned the version incidentally). But then I did a looser search and for just
      rgrep 'CiviCRM version 4.7'
      and manually patched the remainder.
      Note: I'm not really keen on doing this every month, so I relaxed the header
      statement -- instead of `CiviCRM version 5.0`, it's just `CiviCRM version 5`.
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  30. 29 Jan, 2018 1 commit
    • eileen's avatar
      Prevent intermittant fail on pcp api calls. · 7560c9af
      eileen authored
      When I run the SyntaxConformance tests locally I get a fatal error because it tries
      to include api_v3_pcp.php after having included api_v3_PCP.php & thinks they are 2 files.
      This is a Mac so obviously the handling is different to the jenkins method. Not overwriting the
       param if passed in works locally
  31. 25 Jan, 2018 3 commits
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    • eileen's avatar
      CRM-21707 use metadata to validate 'parents' field on group.parents · 1678a63b
      eileen authored
      There was a test attempting to pass
      [1 => 'Test Group'] which was getting through to the BAO but I feel should
      have been blocked at the api level as Test Group did not exist. We have existing code to validate against pseudoconstants but this was not kicking in
      a) there was no pseudoconstant defined for the field
      b) we were giving TEXT fields less validation than STRING fields
      (the assumption looks like it was that they were html fields but that is
      not consistent & IMHO non of the additional checks are harmful.)
      c) the getoptions was failing because it was passing 'validate' in
      as a param to the pseudoconstant once set up, I handled that in
      the pseudoconstant function.
      I also altered the test to see [1 => 'non existent group'] as a fail
      (rather than converting it to group = 1 & succeed.
      There are a couple of follow on thoughts I have
      1) I think we should xss check keys as well as values - will add that as a commit
      2) there may be a very very hypothetical hole in _civicrm_api3_api_match_pseudoconstant_value - if  is empty it returns early. I think that used
      to be valid as some psuedoconstants were not resolveable but now
      I think if options is empty it means there are no valid options &
      it should be rejected. Note that these strings are still xss checked.
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      CRM-21707 use serialisation metadata from api basic_create_fallback. · 30208fab
      eileen authored
      In order to add a unit test I enabled the same in-DAO handling on the Group BAO create
      (since core api don't use the fallback). It allowed me to remove cruft and
      to remove comments about removing cruft.
      With this in place a custom entity (in an extension) could define
      and that field would accept an array of valid names that map to group_types
      and the api would handle the serialisation. api v4 supports this so good prep
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