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      #1236 fix miscasting on setContactSubType · a98c8ecb
      eileen authored
      I think it makes sense to cast here rather than require a string
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      SyntaxConformanceTest::testSqlOperators - Skip "Dedupe" entity on MySQL 5.5 · 382c48e1
      totten authored
      This disables a particularly flaky test-scenario.
      Technical Details
      The `SyntaxConformanceTest::testSqlOperators()` has been rather flaky for a
      while.  (I think this goes back either to the creation of the test or the
      expansion of Dedupe API -- in other words, the test of this scenario has
      always been flaky.)
      When the test fails, it looks like this:
      api_v3_SyntaxConformanceTest::testSqlOperators with data set #28 ('Dedupe')
      incorrect count returned from Dedupe getcount
      Failed asserting that 0 matches expected 2.
      I've spent a chunk of time investigating the flakiness and found:
      1. The test usually (possibly always?) passes on MySQL 5.7.
      2. The test often (but not always) fails on MySQL 5.5.
      3. The version of PHP (php70 vs php72) does not make much difference.
      4. The test never seems to fail when run by itself. The smallest
         scenario which seemd to reliably produce the failure was:
            SYNTAX_CONFORMANCE_ENTITIES='ContactType Country Dedupe Domain StateProvince' \
            CIVICRM_UF=UnitTests \
            phpunit5 \
            --stop-on-failure --tap \
            tests/phpunit/api/v3/SyntaxConformanceTest.php \
            --filter '(testCustomDataGet|testLimit|testSqlOperators)'
      5. The reproducibility differed on two laptops.  The laptops were largely
         identical wrt PHP/MySQL binaries+configuration (macOS,
         bknix@master-loco, `min` cfg). They differed in OS version
         and hardware specs. The slower machine (low-wattage 2-core CPU; 8gb; Mojave)
         produced test-failures much more reliably than the faster machine
         (high-wattage 4-core CPU; 16gb; Sierra).
      Rationalizations for why it's OK to sip:
      * The test will continue to be monitored on MySQL 5.7+.
      * The test *does* pass reliably when run by itself on MySQL 5.5.
      * [Civi doesn't officially support MySQL 5.5](https://docs.civicrm.org/sysadmin/en/latest/requirements/#mysql-version),
      so we're not required to faff-about over a failure that only occurs on MySQL 5.5.
      See also: https://chat.civicrm.org/civicrm/pl/s7nbkro8yjfgzk5z4epo8g9jph
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      Fix deleting of campaigns and saving of custom data for campaign and also... · 1107b319
      Seamus Lee authored
      Fix deleting of campaigns and saving of custom data for campaign and also ensure that goal_general is not html encoded as it is a wysiwyg field
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      Set version to 5.18.beta1 · 804ce138
      gitsync authored
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      Merge pull request #15227 from eileenmcnaughton/dedupe · 2434aafc
      Eileen McNaughton authored
      #1230 Permission nuancing, fix another place where merge duplicate contacts should be enough
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      Merge pull request #15226 from eileenmcnaughton/headers3 · 90d53fd7
      Eileen McNaughton authored
      [Ref] [Import] Final round in the cleanup Load Mapping form epic
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      Merge pull request #15143 from eileenmcnaughton/p4 · ced85e8f
      Monish Deb authored
      Stop adding a refund payment from creating extraneous financial items