Commit ee876c95 authored by eileen's avatar eileen 🎱 Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #9890 from spalmstr/CRM-19453

parents a7aed606 ad2d96ba
......@@ -712,8 +712,20 @@ class CRM_Utils_System_Joomla extends CRM_Utils_System_Base {
// CRM-19453 revisited. Under Windows, the pattern wasn't recognised.
// This is the original pattern, but it doesn't work under Windows.
// By setting the pattern to the one used before the change first and only
// changing it means that the change code only affects Windows users.
$pattern = '|/media/civicrm/.*$|';
// This regular expression will handle Windows as well as Linux
// and any combination of forward and back slashes in directory
// separators. We only apply it if the directory separator is the one
// used by Windows.
$pattern = '|[\\\\/]media[\\\\/]civicrm[\\\\/].*$|';
$siteRoot = preg_replace(
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