Commit ed30b249 authored by totten's avatar totten
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CRM-20958 - api_v3_CaseTest::testCaseUpdate - Style tweak

parent 4ccc3cdd
......@@ -196,7 +196,7 @@ class api_v3_CaseTest extends CiviCaseTestCase {
// Verify that updated case is equal to the original with new subject.
$result = $this->callAPISuccessGetSingle('Case', array('case_id' => $id));
// Modification dates are likely to differ by 0-2 sec. Check manually.
$this->assertTrue($result['modified_date'] >= $case['modified_date']);
$this->assertGreaterThanOrEqual($result['modified_date'], $case['modified_date']);
// Everything else should be identical.
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