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Merge pull request #12368 from totten/master-cache-schema

(#174) civicrm_cache - Finish transition from DATETIME to TIMESTAMP
parents c7891aaa 6f63cf57
{* file to handle db changes in 5.4.alpha1 during upgrade *}
v4.7.20 updated these colums so that new installs would default to TIMESTAMP instead of DATETIME.
Status-checks and DoctorWhen have been encouraging a transition, but it wasn't mandated, and there
was little urgency... because `expired_date` was ignored, and adhoc TTLs on `created_date` had
generally long windows. Now that we're using `expired_date` in more important ways for 5.4,
we want to ensure that these values are handled precisely and consistently.
ALTER TABLE civicrm_cache
CHANGE created_date created_date TIMESTAMP DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP COMMENT 'When was the cache item created',
CHANGE expired_date expired_date TIMESTAMP NULL DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'When should the cache item expire';
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