Commit cb08efb1 authored by monishdeb's avatar monishdeb

CRM-15728, query improvement

* CRM-15728: Improve Scheduled Reminders for membership renewals
parent 49e53286
......@@ -1280,31 +1280,16 @@ INSERT INTO civicrm_action_log ({$selectColumns})
LEFT JOIN {$reminderJoinClause}
{$whereClause} {$limitWhereClause} {$notINClause} AND {$dateClause} AND
reminder.action_date_time IS NOT NULL AND
(reminder.reference_date IS NOT NULL AND reminder.reference_date != {$dateField})
// As per the usage of UNION clause above we always INSERT a new reminder if reference_date (RD)
// got outdated or mismatches to start_action_date criteria so we need to update RD with actual
// start_action_date of already sent reminder, so to prevent redeundancy in sending new reminder
// due to above INSERT-UNION query
$updateQuery = "UPDATE civicrm_action_log reminder
INNER JOIN {$mapping->entity} e ON = reminder.entity_id AND
reminder.reference_date IS NOT NULL AND reminder.action_date_time IS NOT NULL
INNER JOIN civicrm_action_log new_reminder ON
new_reminder.action_schedule_id = reminder.action_schedule_id AND
new_reminder.reference_date = {$dateField} AND
new_reminder.action_date_time IS NULL
SET reminder.reference_date = {$dateField}
WHERE reminder.action_schedule_id = %1 AND reminder.reference_date IS NOT NULL AND reminder.reference_date != {$dateField}
reminder.reference_date IS NOT NULL
GROUP BY, reminder.reference_date
HAVING = MAX( AND reminder.reference_date <> {$dateField}
CRM_Core_DAO::executeQuery($query, array(1 => array($actionSchedule->id, 'Integer')));
if (!empty($updateQuery)) {
if (!empty($referenceQuery)) {
CRM_Core_DAO::executeQuery($referenceQuery, array(1 => array($actionSchedule->id, 'Integer')));
CRM_Core_DAO::executeQuery($updateQuery, array(1 => array($actionSchedule->id, 'Integer')));
$isSendToAdditionalContacts = (!is_null($limitTo) && $limitTo == 0 && (!empty($addGroup) || !empty($addWhere))) ? TRUE : FALSE;
......@@ -951,11 +951,6 @@ class CRM_Core_BAO_ActionScheduleTest extends CiviUnitTestCase {
'recipients' => array(array('')),
//To check whether the reference date is being changed to new join_date
CRM_Core_DAO::getFieldValue('CRM_Core_DAO_ActionLog', $membership->contact_id, 'reference_date', 'contact_id', TRUE)
public function testMembershipOnMultipleReminder() {
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