Commit c8275544 authored by Pradeep Nayak's avatar Pradeep Nayak Committed by Seamus Lee

Fixed fatal error for Event Participants custom search if price set field...

Fixed fatal error for Event Participants custom search if price set field option is disabled after a registrant has already selected it

Fix test failure and parametise queries
parent fcaacef3
......@@ -87,28 +87,33 @@ FROM civicrm_contact c,
civicrm_participant p
WHERE p.contact_id =
AND p.is_test = 0
AND p.event_id = {$this->_eventID}
AND p.event_id = %1
AND p.status_id NOT IN (4,11,12)
AND ( c.is_deleted = 0 OR c.is_deleted IS NULL )
CRM_Core_DAO::executeQuery($sql, [1 => [$this->_eventID, 'Positive']]);
$sql = "
SELECT as contact_id,
SELECT as contact_id, as participant_id,
l.price_field_value_id as price_field_value_id,
l.price_field_value_id AS price_field_value_id,
FROM civicrm_contact c,
civicrm_participant p,
civicrm_line_item l
WHERE = p.contact_id
AND p.event_id = {$this->_eventID}
AND = l.entity_id
AND l.entity_table ='civicrm_participant'
ORDER BY, l.price_field_value_id;
$dao = CRM_Core_DAO::executeQuery($sql);
FROM civicrm_contact c
INNER JOIN civicrm_participant p
ON p.contact_id = AND c.is_deleted = 0
INNER JOIN civicrm_line_item l
ON = l.entity_id AND l.entity_table ='civicrm_participant'
INNER JOIN civicrm_price_field_value cpfv
ON = l.price_field_value_id AND cpfv.is_active = 1
INNER JOIN civicrm_price_field cpf
ON = l.price_field_id AND cpf.is_active = 1
INNER JOIN civicrm_price_set cps
ON = cpf.price_set_id AND cps.is_active = 1
WHERE p.event_id = %1
ORDER BY, l.price_field_value_id;
$dao = CRM_Core_DAO::executeQuery($sql, [1 => [$this->_eventID, 'Positive']]);
// first store all the information by option value id
$rows = [];
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