Commit c6000ff3 authored by deb.monish's avatar deb.monish

Unit test for CRM-20676 fix

parent c10a4b18
......@@ -1296,6 +1296,23 @@ Expires: ',
$this->assertEquals(50.00, $lineItem['line_total']);
$this->assertEquals(5.00, $lineItem['tax_amount']);
// Simply save the 'Edit Contribution' form
$form = new CRM_Contribute_Form_Contribution();
$form->_context = 'membership';
$form->_values = $this->callAPISuccessGetSingle('Contribution', array('id' => $lineItem['contribution_id'], 'return' => array('total_amount', 'net_amount', 'fee_amount', 'tax_amount')));
'contact_id' => $this->_individualId,
'id' => $lineItem['contribution_id'],
'financial_type_id' => 2,
'contribution_status_id' => CRM_Core_Pseudoconstant::getKey('CRM_Contribute_BAO_Contribution', 'contribution_status_id', 'Completed'),
// ensure that the line-item values got unaffected
$lineItem = $this->callAPISuccessGetSingle('LineItem', array('entity_id' => $membership['id'], 'entity_table' => 'civicrm_membership'));
$this->assertEquals(1, $lineItem['qty']);
$this->assertEquals(5.00, $lineItem['tax_amount']); // ensure that tax amount is not changed
// reset the price options static variable so not leave any dummy data, that might hamper other unit tests
\Civi::$statics['CRM_Price_BAO_PriceField']['priceOptions'] = NULL;
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