Commit c3d06508 authored by eileen's avatar eileen
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Fix deprecation handling

Turns out we were one of the sites naughtily using the BAO directly who needed this handling
to work - but because we passed a number in quote it didn't - this fixes
parent 9d6c8f83
......@@ -263,7 +263,7 @@ class CRM_Contribute_BAO_ContributionRecur extends CRM_Contribute_DAO_Contributi
* @return bool
public static function cancelRecurContribution($params) {
if (is_int($params)) {
if (is_numeric($params)) {
CRM_Core_Error::deprecatedFunctionWarning('You are using a BAO function whose signature has changed. Please use the ContributionRecur.cancel api');
$params = ['id' => $params];
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