Unverified Commit c321e2d9 authored by Eileen McNaughton's avatar Eileen McNaughton Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #14501 from mattwire/attachment_description

Display description next to 'paperclip' file icon - usually the filename
parents 8b0be32a 58be0f4c
......@@ -1310,7 +1310,7 @@ class CRM_Core_BAO_CustomField extends CRM_Core_DAO_CustomField {
// In other contexts show a paperclip icon
if (CRM_Utils_Rule::integer($value)) {
$icons = CRM_Core_BAO_File::paperIconAttachment('*', $value);
$display = $icons[$value];
$display = $icons[$value] . civicrm_api3('File', 'getvalue', ['return' => "description", 'id' => $value]);
else {
//CRM-18396, if filename is passed instead
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