Commit be901202 authored by eileen's avatar eileen

Remove unused code

If seems to me that 1) if this IF is true then there will be a bounce & it will not proceed annd
2 if it IS true emailAddress does not seem to be applied anywhere
parent b590a8c0
......@@ -66,14 +66,8 @@ class CRM_Contact_Form_Task_EmailCommon {
$fromEmailValues = CRM_Core_BAO_Email::getFromEmail();
$form->_noEmails = FALSE;
if (empty($fromEmailValues)) {
$form->_noEmails = TRUE;
$form->assign('noEmails', $form->_noEmails);
if ($bounce) {
if ($form->_noEmails) {
if (empty($fromEmailValues)) {
CRM_Core_Error::statusBounce(ts('Your user record does not have a valid email address and no from addresses have been configured.'));
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
<tr class="crm-contactEmail-form-block-recipient">
<td class="label">{if $single eq false}{ts}Recipient(s){/ts}{else}{$}{/if}</td>
{$}{if $noEmails eq true}&nbsp;&nbsp;{$form.emailAddress.html}{/if}
<tr class="crm-contactEmail-form-block-cc_id" {if !$form.cc_id.value}style="display:none;"{/if}>
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