Unverified Commit b46ba6a4 authored by eileen's avatar eileen 🎱 Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #11341 from mlutfy/4.7.28-rc-crm21480

CRM-21480 FourSeven/updateContributionInvoiceNumber: fix for MariaDB …
parents 682c12c0 11bbb5d0
......@@ -627,7 +627,7 @@ class CRM_Upgrade_Incremental_php_FourSeven extends CRM_Upgrade_Incremental_Base
public static function updateContributionInvoiceNumber(CRM_Queue_TaskContext $ctx, $startID, $endID, $invoicePrefix) {
UPDATE `civicrm_contribution` SET `invoice_number` = CONCAT(%1, `id`)
WHERE `id` BETWEEN (%2 AND %3) AND `invoice_number` IS NOT NULL ",
WHERE `id` >= %2 AND `id` <= %3 AND `invoice_number` IS NOT NULL",
1 => array($invoicePrefix, 'String'),
2 => array($startID, 'Integer'),
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