Commit 8a6567d7 authored by eileen's avatar eileen

CRM-19490 change 'view' action check to '&' to also pick up 'preview' action

parent f02f3e59
......@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@
{include file="CRM/Profile/Form/GreetingType.tpl"}
{elseif ($profileFieldName eq 'group' && $ || ($profileFieldName eq 'tag' && $form.tag)}
{include file="CRM/Contact/Form/Edit/TagsAndGroups.tpl" type=$profileFieldName title=null context="profile"}
{elseif $field.is_datetime_field && $action == 4}
{elseif $field.is_datetime_field && $action & 4}
{assign var="date_value" value=$form.$profileFieldName.value}
<span class="crm-frozen-field">
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