Commit 86dd5d2e authored by eileen's avatar eileen Committed by JKingsnorth

(towards CRM-19492) Improve whitespace layout

parent 8ca36a6e
......@@ -130,9 +130,24 @@
$row.title|substr:0:5 == "Phone"}
{* @TODO check if this is ever an array or a fileName? *}
{* This is on one long line for address formatting *}
{if $row.title|substr:0:7 == "Address"}<span style="white-space: pre" id="main_{$blockName}_{$blockId}">{else}<span id="main_{$blockName}_{$blockId}">{/if}{if !is_array($row.main)}{$row.main}{elseif $row.main.fileName}{$row.main.fileName}{else}{', '|implode:$row.main}{/if}</span>
{if $row.title|substr:0:7 == "Address"}
<span style="white-space: pre" id="main_{$blockName}_{$blockId}">
<span id="main_{$blockName}_{$blockId}">
{* @TODO check if this is ever an array or a fileName? *}
{if !is_array($row.main)}
{elseif $row.main.fileName}
{', '|implode:$row.main}
......@@ -239,7 +254,7 @@
* Triggered when a 'location' or 'type' destination is changed, and when
* the operation or 'set primary' checkboxes are changed.
* Check to see if the 'main' contact record has a corresponding location
* block when the destination of a field is changed. Allow existing location
* fields to be overwritten with data from the 'other' contact.
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