Commit 81438edd authored by eileen's avatar eileen
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[REF] [Export] Remove code that seems unused

I can't find any evidence of this code being re-refenced. We DO reference a similar one for merge_same_address
parent cde1d699
......@@ -198,12 +198,6 @@ INSERT INTO {$componentTable} SELECT distinct gc.contact_id FROM civicrm_group_c
$paymentTableId = $processor->getPaymentTableID();
if ($processor->getRequestedFields() &&
) {
$exportParams['postal_mailing_export']['temp_columns'] = $processor->getAdditionalFieldsForPostalExport();
// rectify params to what proximity search expects if there is a value for prox_distance
// CRM-7021
if (!empty($params)) {
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