Commit 7a9da175 authored by colemanw's avatar colemanw

CRM-13823 - Show help for system status page

parent 165aab59
......@@ -24,7 +24,16 @@
<div class="crm-block">
<div class="crm-group">
<div class="crm-status-message-body" ng-bind-html="status.message | trusted"></div>
<div class="crm-status-message-body">
<span ng-bind-html="status.message | trusted"></span>
ng-click="alert(, status.title, 'info');"
......@@ -6,12 +6,13 @@
function($scope, $location, crmApi, crmStatus, crmUiHelp, statuses, crmNavigator, preferences) {
// The ts() and hs() functions help load strings for this module.
var ts = $scope.ts = CRM.ts('statuspage');
var hs = $scope.hs = crmUiHelp({file: 'CRM/statuspage/StatusPage'}); // See: templates/CRM/statuspage/StatusPage.hlp
// var hs = $scope.hs = crmUiHelp({file: 'CRM/statuspage/StatusPage'}); // See: templates/CRM/statuspage/StatusPage.hlp
$scope.path = $location.path();
$scope.navigator = crmNavigator;
$scope.statuses = statuses;
$scope.preferences = preferences;
$scope.alert = CRM.alert;
// will "hush" a status - gets the severity level of the status that is being hushed, and hushes all alerts for that check at and below the level of the current check
$scope.hush = function(name, severity) {
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