Unverified Commit 4d8eee5f authored by totten's avatar totten Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #11769 from JMAConsulting/CRM-21806

[REGRESSION] CRM-21806: Fix issues is search form when FULL_GROUP_BY_MODE enabled 
parents b4f4371f fbbd2be1
......@@ -4890,7 +4890,10 @@ civicrm_relationship.is_permission_a_b = 0
list($select, $from, $where, $having) = $this->query($count, $sortByChar, $groupContacts, $onlyDeleted);
if (!empty($groupByCols)) {
$select = self::appendAnyValueToSelect($this->_select, $groupByCols, 'GROUP_CONCAT');
// It doesn't matter to include columns in SELECT clause, which are present in GROUP BY when we just want the contact IDs
if (!$groupContacts) {
$select = self::appendAnyValueToSelect($this->_select, $groupByCols, 'GROUP_CONCAT');
$groupBy = " GROUP BY " . implode(', ', $groupByCols);
if (!empty($order)) {
// retrieve order by columns from ORDER BY clause
......@@ -1012,7 +1012,6 @@ class CRM_Contact_Selector extends CRM_Core_Selector_Base implements CRM_Core_Se
$sql = $this->_query->searchQuery($start, $end, $sort, FALSE, $this->_query->_includeContactIds,
$replaceSQL = $this->_query->getSelect();
// CRM-9096
// due to limitations in our search query writer, the above query does not work
......@@ -1025,10 +1024,10 @@ class CRM_Contact_Selector extends CRM_Core_Selector_Base implements CRM_Core_Se
$insertSQL = "
INSERT INTO civicrm_prevnext_cache ( entity_table, entity_id1, entity_id2, cacheKey, data )
SELECT DISTINCT 'civicrm_contact', contact_a.id, contact_a.id, '$cacheKey', contact_a.display_name
SELECT DISTINCT 'civicrm_contact', contact_a.id, contact_a.id, '$cacheKey', contact_a.sort_name
$sql = str_replace($replaceSQL, $insertSQL, $sql);
$sql = str_replace(array("SELECT contact_a.id as contact_id", "SELECT contact_a.id as id"), $insertSQL, $sql);
try {
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