Commit 04b25912 authored by Seamus Lee's avatar Seamus Lee

Resolve security/core#52 by validating that an installtype is sensible

parent 50ed845a
......@@ -63,14 +63,16 @@ global $installURLPath;
// Set the install type
// this is sent as a query string when the page is first loaded
// and subsequently posted to the page as a hidden field
if (isset($_POST['civicrm_install_type'])) {
// only permit acceptable installation types to prevent issues;
$acceptableInstallTypes = ['drupal', 'wordpress', 'backdrop'];
if (isset($_POST['civicrm_install_type']) && in_array($_POST['civicrm_install_type'], $acceptableInstallTypes)) {
$installType = $_POST['civicrm_install_type'];
elseif (isset($_GET['civicrm_install_type'])) {
elseif (isset($_GET['civicrm_install_type']) && in_array(strtolower($_GET['civicrm_install_type']), $acceptableInstallTypes)) {
$installType = strtolower($_GET['civicrm_install_type']);
else {
// default value if not set
// default value if not set and not an acceptable install type.
$installType = "drupal";
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