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Update pre application tasks with more info re chat etiquette and error reporting.

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......@@ -31,6 +31,42 @@ your application.
- Create a civicrm chat profile and post an intro greeting into the GSoC Channel.
- Create a civicrm stack exchange account and take the tour to get the "informed" badge.
Remember to be polite. Some tips:
Where possible it's good to use the reply functionality to keep the
same conversation grouped into a thread. This means that people
can more easily follow what is going on, and separate out
different conversations.
If you need help or have an error before asking in chat first search
civicrm stack exchange. It's entirely possible someone else has had
the same problem. If you don't find your problem on civicrm stack
exchange when you solve it perhaps consider posting your question and
the solution to help others.
If you are asking for help in civicrm chat. **Don't post in multiple
channels the same question. This is bad manners, will annoy people and
reduce the likelihood people will volunteer their time to help you.**
Try and pick the right channel for the topic.
- installation-support
- dev-newcomers
- extensions
- user-support
For CMS specific questions there are: drupal,wordpress,joomla channels.
If you don't know ask - I'm having a problem with X I'm not sure if
this is the right channel to ask but this is my problem.
When asking for help try and make it as easy as possible for people to
help you. Include what you are doing to cause the error. (Copy the
command if it's a command on the command line. You can always copy the
error - if it's large to a gist. ->
If you are experiencing errors in a civicrm install here are some
places to look for errors
# Set up a dev environment
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