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Release 6.0.alpha2

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If using test mode with drupal webform_civicrm you need this patch:
## Troubleshooting
Under *Administer->CiviContribute->Stripe Settings* you can find a setting:
* Enable Stripe Javascript debugging?
This can be switched on to output debug info to the browser console and can be used to debug problems with submitting your payments.
## Credits
Current Maintainer: Matthew Wire -
## Release 6.0.alpha2
* Support Drupal Webform CiviCRM.
* Support Event Registration.
* Support Confirm/Thankyou pages on contribution pages / events.
* Support cards using 3dsecure and cards not using 3dsecure.
### Not Supported (should be in final 6.0 release):
* Recurring payments.
* Backend payments.
## Release 6.0.alpha1
* ONLY contribution pages with no confirm pages are supported.
## Release 6.0 (not yet released)
**This is a major new release. You cannot rollback once you've upgraded.**
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* Use PaymentIntents and comply with the European SCA directive (
* Require Stripe API Version: 2019-08-14 and ensure that all codepaths specify the API version.
* Switch publishable key/secret key in settings (upgrader does this automatically) so they are now "correct" per CiviCRM settings pages.
* Support cards using 3dsecure and cards not using 3dsecure (workflows with Stripe are slightly different but both are now handled).
## Release 5.4.1
* Don't overwrite system messages when performing webhook checks.
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<author>Matthew Wire (MJW Consulting)</author>
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