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Reinstate parsing of data from the form

This means that data can be set in an embedded form e.g

 <af-entity data='{name_a : options.name_a,  name_b : options.name_b, is_name_b_nickname: options.is_name_b_nickname, is_name_b_inferior: options.is_name_b_inferior}' .... />

In this case the options.name_as comes from the directive that instantiates this afform
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......@@ -20,7 +20,10 @@
this.registerEntity = function registerEntity(entity) {
schema[entity.modelName] = entity;
data[entity.modelName] = [];
// Permitting allows the afform to specify variables like
// that has been passing into the afform with the directive that initiates it.
// This is an advanced usage & afJoin is more normal.
data[entity.modelName] = || {};
this.getEntity = function getEntity(name) {
return schema[name];
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