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Update docs to reflect less metadata in default afform scope

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{* This takes an $afform and generates an AngularJS module.
@param string $afform.camel The full camel-case name of the AngularJS module being created
@param array $afform.meta The full metadata record of the form
@param array $afform.meta Relevant form metadata
@param string $afform.layout The template content (HTML)
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ creates a scope with these variables:
* `routeParams`: This is a reference to the [$routeParams]($routeParams)
service. In the example, we used `routeParams` to get a reference to a `name` from the URL.
* `meta`: The stored meta data (`*.aff.json`) for this form.
* `meta`: Object which for now contains just the form name but could potentially have other metadata if needed.
* `ts`: This is a utility function which translates strings, as in `{{ts('Hello world')}}`.
Additionally, AngularJS allows *directives* -- these are extensions to HTML (custom tags and attributes) which create behavior. For example:
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