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(NFC) Expand docblock for afform_civicrm_permission_check()

parent f91c3493
......@@ -462,6 +462,13 @@ function afform_civicrm_alterMenu(&$items) {
* Implements hook_civicrm_permission_check().
* This extends the list of permissions available in `CRM_Core_Permission:check()`
* by introducing virtual-permissions named `@afform:myForm`. The evaluation
* of these virtual-permissions is dependent on the settings for `myForm`.
* `myForm` may be exposed/integrated through multiple subsystems (routing,
* nav-menu, API, etc), and the use of virtual-permissions makes easy to enforce
* consistent permissions across any relevant subsystems.
* @see CRM_Utils_Hook::permission_check()
function afform_civicrm_permission_check($permission, &$granted, $contactId) {
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