Commit 0a76bf98 authored by colemanw's avatar colemanw
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Loosen restrictions on file names - allow underscores

parent d5d10b3d
......@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@ trait AfformSaveTrait {
$item['name'] .= $suffix;
$orig = NULL;
elseif (!preg_match('/^[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9\-]*$/', $item['name'])) {
throw new \API_Exception("Afform.{$this->getActionName()}: name should use alphanumerics and dashes.");
elseif (!preg_match('/^[a-zA-Z][-_a-zA-Z0-9]*$/', $item['name'])) {
throw new \API_Exception("Afform.{$this->getActionName()}: name should begin with a letter and only contain alphanumerics underscores and dashes.");
else {
// Fetch existing metadata
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