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Release 3.3.3

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## Release 3.3.3
* Include first donation in the batch
* Due to the timestamp on the declaration is created after the contribution hence the first donation doesn't gets included in batch. Set the timestamp as the date rather than time.
* Clear batch_name if we created a new contribution in a recur series (it's copied across by default by Contribution.repeattransaction).
* Check and set label for 'Eligible amount' field on contribution.
* Always make sure current declaration is set if we have one - fixes issue with overwriting declaration with 'No'.
* Fix [#5]( Donations included in batch although financial types disabled in settings.
* Trigger create of new gift aid declaration from contribution form if required.
## Release 3.3.2
* Handle transitions between the 3 declaration states without losing information - create a new declaration when state is changed.
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<author>MJW Consulting, Erawat Chamanont, Jamie Novick, Guanhuan Chen, Robin Mitra</author>
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