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......@@ -37,9 +37,68 @@ The search screen is reached from the search listing page (Search->Search Kit)
The screen below shows a very basic search for contacts with no entry for
camera skill level. This is
camera skill level.
The search screen allows you to specify the entity that you wish to start
from, any entities you wish to include, how you want to filter, group
and order the results and which field you wish to display. You are also
able to take actions directly on the results. As of 5.36 most entities
have only limited actions but the update action is much more powerful
than the batch update action in advanced search as it does not have a
hard limit on the rows which can be updated at once.
When searching the first thing you need to select is the entity you wish
to search for. Commonly used entities are
- Contacts
- Activities
- Contributions
- Recurring contributions
- Participants
- Grants
However, you will normally with to include more than one entity and this is
where the 'with' field comes in. Let's say you want to find all donors who
made a donation of at least $100 but have never made a campaign contribution.
First you would choose to search for contacts
Next you would add that the contacts you are looking for MUST have
a contribution of $100 or more.
Note that in the image 'required' has been selected because we only want
contacts with contributions that match the criteria specified when we
add the contributions table. In this case the criteria is total amount
of the contribution is greater than or equal to $100.
At this point it's helpful to see the results so far and at the bottom of the
page you can choose to search and to add fields that help you to sanity
check your result
To exclude contacts who have made a campaign contribution we need
to add this second description of contributions in with another 'with'.
In sql language these 'with' entities are joins. To add in a second
set of contributions we choose contributions in the 'with' box
again but scroll down to pick 'Contributions 2'. In this case it is
optional (in fact we want to exclude them) and we filter on
'Campaign ID' is NOT empty. When adding this field be very careful to select
it from the second contribution table. We also need to select the
opposite criteria to what we want to know about (ie we want to know about
those don't have campaign contributions so we we say with
contributions with campaigns and then filter them out).
To actually exclude them we ALSO need to add
a where clause of 'contribution id is empty'. As with the previous
action we need to scroll down to contribution 2.
# Search displays
Search displays are added from the Search screen once a search has
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